Ziggy Marley - “Drive” 

Once a year I find myself saying: You know you’re happy if you enjoy reggae. Also once a year: I enjoy reggae.

Blondes - “Paradise City” from Touched

Get it? It’s a party. I saw these guys open for Matthew Dear. I met some underemployed creative directors who own a bar and a pack of girls who were 2 too many for my group of 2. This band’s 2010 debut is a stimulating little pack of music.

Steven Tyler - “The Star Spangled Banner” (The National Anthem) at the AFC Championship Game (Ravens vs. Patriots) on January 22, 2012

This is getting railed and reamed. I kinda like it. Though I must say I like Deep Impact more than Armageddon. Deep Impact’s soundtrack, too.

Aaliyah - “At Your Best (You Are Love)” (orig. Isley Brothers)

This is really loud. My roommate thinks I’m weird. Louder.

Animal Collective - “#1” from Strawberry Jam

Much is different. Jobs. Shoes. Weather. Spotify. One thing constant: Brooklyn. It seeps through this sooty window screen, the brick, the air, the people that keep me listening to what I listen to. I bought some concert tickets — Metronomy, Bear in Heaven — but the shows aren’t til March and May. And today, I read Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s FBI file. He was arrested in ‘99 for possession of a bulletproof vest. That isn’t necessarily illegal on its own, but he was a convicted felon at the time. Society frowns upon body armor when you live on the wrong side of the law. Somehow Animal Collective seems like an apt return to Tumblr. Blogs made these bros. Or it may have been the other way around.

Tame Impala - “Half Full Glass of Wine” (Canyons Remix)

I used to ghost blog for a venture capitalist. He was accused of stealing a large sum of money from a group of investors, which included a well-known actor best remembered as an ’80s action movie sidekick. It was my job to create positive content to drown out the negative press you’d find if you Googled my employer’s name. I wrote about windmills and algae biofuels. I also wrote about art and his generous donations to certain cultural institutions. Once, I wrote about an indie band’s album release. Soon thereafter, he was busted by the feds.

Supermax - “Gotta Be Something New”

I’m thinking about ways to promote a website. It’s a user-curated community site with a devoted core following and strong SEO. I’m thinking about getting a haircut. I’m wondering if I should shave 3 or 5 days before I @ reply to this one Nebraska-based Android blogger. He has 29K followers. I’m thinking about the weekend.

The Horrors - “Endless Blue” from Skying

Reviewers have called this Horrors album “soft.” Maybe. Maybe they aren’t listening beyond first impressions. “Endless Blue” sounds like it belongs on Sonic Youth’s Rather Ripped, but only once you hit the 2-minute mark. Soft is eating tiramisu while snuggling with a Tibetan mastiff. This song is something else.

The Rapture - “Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks” Live at Trabendo, Paris - Sep 26, 2006.

The Rapture is back, minus bassist/vocalist Mattie Safer. I didn’t miss him much last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg - Luke Jenner’s presence more than filled the hall - though I wondered if Safer was there, disguised and sulking at the back of the crowd. The break was amicable, they say. They always say that.

The Kills - “Nail in My Coffin” (from Blood Pressures)

A Beth Ditto lookalike bent over backwards for what they were serving at the meth country Montana dive bar. There were washing machines in the back. And a blackjack table between. You’re not from around here, said someone with a beard and a hat. Maybe he just thought it. Skinny dogs barked outside by the lake dock. They totally think we’re fags.

RZA - “Tragedy”

Who is that? Simon Pegg? Dustin Pedroia? Remedy?? I condone RZA dating the track at the end: “97, February!” It would have been nice if he’d mentioned the day and hour, as well. Or maybe what kind of socks he was wearing in the recording booth.

Yeasayer - “I Remember” (VILLA Remix)

I’ve played some basketball with Anand at those outdoor courts in Greenpoint. He’s a real team player with a decent mid-range game. Supposedly Ira plays a bit as well. He couldn’t make it the last time. He was tending to his garden.

Bill Withers from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Bill Withers - “Hope She’ll Be Happier” (at Zaire ‘74)

My words will pollute the beauty of this. Mr. Withers is alive. I don’t know where he is. Perhaps watching the ocean.

Booker T. Jones - “Everything Is Everything” (Lauryn Hill Cover, from The Road From Memphis)

Booker T’s organ howls melancholy. The guitar crunches like a cracker.

Erlend Oye - “Every Party” (from Unrest)

I used to put this on every mix I ever made. I can’t remember if I previously blogged this on this blog or put it on that mix that I made following that natural disaster. It’s not that I necessarily agree that parties are a zero sum game. I do think some people show up to parties that were never winnable in the first place. I’m mostly referring to industry events and foam parties where Tarzans swing on keg taps. But I suppose it all depends what kind of game you play, whether you hit for power or average or don’t mind sitting on the bench, scrawling anthropological notes on a mental scorecard. The game is over when you say so, or when you run out of lead.

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